Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Howard reflects on 2012 House bid

This afternoon I attended the monthly meeting of Grandmothers for Peace at the Edina Library, where by chance I learned John Howard would be presenting on global warming.  A rare climate change preoccupied Republican, Howard pennilessly challenged Erik Paulsen in the 8/14/12 Republican primary--in which he received my vote (since no significant contest appeared on the DFL ballot).

To successfully take on Paulsen in the primary, Howard needed to ignite big public excitement, though too often I felt he appeared to be implementing a top-down strategy, seeking to attain mainstream-media respectability, as the channel through which he would costlessly get his message out.  He never received the media acknowledgment he sought.

My fantasy dark horse candidacy more relies on stimulating excitement down below and then forcing mainstream recognition.

A reasonable observer might accept the fairness of said strategic difference while still considering Howard's choice more realistic.  Since no one has ever successfully primary-challenged an endorsed MN3 congressional candidate of either party, any conclusion must be faith-based.

In any event, afterward Howard graciously fielded several questions from me, above.
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