Monday, March 19, 2012

The Personality Pageant


For the time being, this is my favorite Sharon Sund clip--taking us further still into the candidate's undocumented past...another moral triumph from yesteryear.

The phoniness of Sund-Barnes is now non-controversial, though I remind readers it appeared first here, and was once frowned upon by the politically serious.

Barnes and Sund are asking us to stack-rank them based on integrity.  In support of Sharon Sund's supreme inner purity, she tells us of having been sexually harassed by an old boss.  (All is political, apparently.)

I deplore Barnes and Sund for basing the campaign on integrity claims--since the evidence put forward is so inconclusive.  We have quite little factual basis, for example, upon which to judge Sharon Sund's harassment claim--let alone whether it includes some edifying political lesson.

During the present campaign, Barnes and Sund have invoked anecdotes which supposedly demonstrate their inner tenacity and fiber.  Again and again, we are asked to take the candidate's presentation at face value and have no ability to cross-examine or to look closely at the evidence.

I have called upon Barnes and Sund to provide a pre-candidacy example where they've defended an unpopular position online, so that we can review the record.  Can any Barnes or Sund supporter provide a single example?  Has your candidate ever demonstrated independent-mindedness in an online political discussion?
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