Monday, March 12, 2012

Obligation Fulfillment

Dr. Maureen Hackett has submitted a lifeless 'endorsement' of Brian Barnes:
After careful exploration of both candidates, I endorse Brian Barnes. Brian has a deep understanding of the science, engineering, and global finances needed to move America’s green energy economy forward.
Read the whole thing--it gets a lot worse and did not prove easy reading for one who seeks to respect last cycle's runner-up.  Like Twoputt, Hackett has identified moral purity in Brian Barnes and wants the world to know her job is done:  She can now publicly announce her 'great pleasure,' having consummated this weighty affair of state.

When we are asked to revere Barnes, the reasons provided always seem to smack of the used car lot.  Perhaps Barnes is innocent and genuinely morally exemplary, but his loudest champions are a Willy Lomanish herd indeed.

We should make a more serious effort defending an ethical public square, built upon a commitment to the disinterested consideration of all candidates.  Campaigns should entail much more consideration of competing policy proposals--and mutual criticism--instead of the dubious moral-purity testing we engage in today.

The zeitgeisty 'hijacking of civility by the sanctimonious' plays a role, contributing to the insipidity of our ongoing candidate selection charade:  All criticism having been deemed presumptively ill-motivated, intra-party competition consists solely of disjointed preening.

To the dustbin!
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