Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hamline's Dogmatic Victim-Feminist

Chanhassen blogger Prof. Jessica Pieklo publishes both on Care2 and on her own blog, Hegemommy.  A few comments on her recent output:

Pieklo blogs on legal issues at Care2, without bringing compelling legal insight to bear on anything.  (By all means send me a link if you disagree on this point.)  Care2 generates a huge amount of crap-traffic, however--and her legal posts invariably get numerous comments, unfailingly uninteresting.  In two Wikileaks blogposts, she still hasn't made clear whether she supports or opposes Julian Assange or Wikileaks--and adds no new information to our knowledge base.

For Thanksgiving Hegemommy presents Gratitude, excusing herself yet again for the toll her hormones are taking upon her writing.  She's 'weepy and gushy' and has lost her edge.  (We might dispute this final self-assessment.)  The legal eagle confesses she's 'an amazingly lucky lady' but has lost sight of her many blessings of late.  She fulsomely thanks 'the universe' for our extreme generosity--promising never in future to similarly neglect her perceived [spiritualist] gratitude obligation.  (Why?)

On Nov. 29, Pieklo reenlists in the Mommy Wars.  In blogging on her family's recent new arrival, Hegemommy informs us that breast-feeding has been challenging, leaving the professor 'tired, cranky and really really looking for a break.'  After six hours' effort, Pieklo orders out for Mrs. NestlĂ©, feeling the immense burden of our condemnation falling down upon her.  By post's end, Pieklo has recommitted to her baby's demanding nursing regimen, thus 'reenlisting in the Mommy wars'.  (I have just read a 500-word blogpost on nursing and have no idea what the author means, if anything.)

On Dec. 8, Pieklo bade a characteristically self-referential adieu to Elizabeth Edwards--who Hegemommy assures us was both 'approachable and genuine'; a woman of 'strength and grace' and the blogger's personal and professional mentor-from-afar.  Lamenting Edwards' passing, Pieklo provides not a single illustration to explain the high regard in which she held the political spouse, though she does find time to speculate on how her late mother might assess Edwards--freely admitting that such discussion might seem weird.  (Check.)

Some time ago, I criticized Prof. Pieklo and was answered with a scathing, self-pitying tweet, claiming she'd been 'flamed'.  After leaving a mild criticism on Hegemommy the other day, the victim-feminist martinet blacklisted me--and fired off a new self-pitying tweet to her 1,256 followers:

It takes a special sort of loser to troll at a mom blog & an even more pathetic version of said loser to complain if I delete your nastiness

In Pieklo's earlier excoriation, we learned she views all criticism of her writing as ill intentioned and below-the-belt--she will brook no disagreement, however civil.  In her more recent tweet-attack, we learn again of the Hamline prof's extreme anti-intellectualism and contempt for her non-slave readership.  'Tis a pity.
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