Monday, April 14, 2008

What Do Prolifers Want?

If you travel around Minnesota you'll note quite a large number of antiabortion billboards. The billboards are put up by Prolife Across America, but the most powerful antiabortion group in the state is Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, or MCCL.

I recently emailed MCCL to try to learn more about its legal goals. So I asked three questions:

1) Would America be improved, in your view, were all abortion to be made illegal?

2) Do you view elective abortion as being the equivalent of murder? (as 'just one other method of murder,' no different morally than a premeditated shotgun killing, i.e.)

3) Would you seek to make women voluntarily undergoing abortion to be liable under existing homicide statutes? Would this make good public policy, in MCCL's view?

Here's the complete reply I received, from Scott Fischbach, MCCL's Executive Director:

Gavin --

Great questions. MCCL seeks to restore protection for innocent unborn children and we believe that society as a whole would be much better off if that protection is restored. We also do not believe that women undergoing an abortion are criminals, but rather, they are victims. It is the actual abortionists that are killing the innocent unborn child and it is the abortionists that should be stopped by law.

Our goal is to build a society in which all human beings are respected in life and protected by law. I hope you will see fit to join in our efforts to help expectant mothers make life affirming decisions so that they and their babies can live well.

While life holds not guarantees, abortion is a dead end every time.

For Life,


Scott Fischbach
Executive Director, MCCL

So he didn't answer my questions, despite his acknowledgement that they merit response. He expressed a belief that an abortionist is killing 'the innocent unborn child.' So one solution to such a state of affairs, it occurs to me--were I to accept the premise--would be to simply define the performing of an abortion, in law, as a first-degree murder. This solution would seem the most obvious to me--adding elective abortion to Minnesota statute 609.185--if I believed Fischbach's quoted statement. If it is MCCL's viewpoint that someone premeditatedly killing an 'innocent unborn child' ought not be subject to prosecution for first-degree homicide, Fischbach ought to explain why. [Email sent.]

Perhaps one-third to one-half of Minnesotans consider themselves prolife. But if you examine the voting records of self-described 'prolife' state representatives, you find that very few can claim to have never once dissented with MCCL's legislative priorities in the past six legislative sessions. To be able to make such a claim, a state representative would have to be in the small minority of MCCL-friendly legislators who constitute the purist of the pure prolifers--such as Erik Paulsen.


munchkinmom said...

The last time I looked about 70% of the 3rd CD believes in choice.

Choice enconpasses many things, including a pharmacists requirement to fill legal prescriptions and hospice choices for terminally ill loved ones.

West Metro Dem said...

Excellent commentary, Gavin.

As munchkinmom stated, anti-choice persons don't want to broaden the understanding among the electorate of the issues of choice for all Americans. They want to focus only one cute, cuddly babies. What they don't want to tell voters is that they want to control not only the choices made but also who makes the choices. They support pharmacists deciding for themselves whether or not an unmarried young woman (over 18) has a legal prescription filled for birth control - not the woman and her doctor. They want to determine when and what drugs a terminally ill patient is given during end of life decisions - not the patient, family and doctor. Choice is a much broader issue and reaches across all ages and all families.

The MCCL doesn't want the voter to be educated about the issue. It's our responsibility to educate voters to the hidden agenda of the anti-choice brigades. Their real agenda is to control the choices in the lives of persons - sperm to death.

Grace Kelly said...

Guess why the billboards show babies? Because people want and like babies while many people were totally grossed out by the pictures of fetuses. Many people have the "clucking" response to babies that do not respond that way to fetuses.

Pro life from the party that tortures innocent people by drowning them and resuscitating them as a matter of public policy - yea, right - pro life.

Flash said...

They can claim Pro Life, but most of the ones I have met are simply anti Abortion. I wish they would be honest.

I believe I am Pro Life, because I have consistently supported programs policies and procedures that support life and discourage the murdering of the unborn.

However, I recognize that ultimately it is a position of faith, and a decision between a doctor and their patient. It is not my, or the governments job to interfere with an individuals personal medical decision, or to impose ones faith on others.

The Pro Life banner could be carried proudly by the Left, if they realized they are the true pro life party.