Sunday, February 10, 2008


Caught Taxi to the Dark Side and Persepolis this evening.

If you need any further convincing that the Bush Administration has been a disaster for America's position in the world, view the excellent, non-uplifting Taxi to the Dark Side. Trailer here. The documentary's director, Alex Gibney, dedicates the film to his father (a naval interrogator during WW2), who says on camera that the human rights violations we've committed during the War on Terror have caused him to lose faith in our government--that during World War II we were the good guys and didn't commit extrajudicial, off-battlefield killings.

But the film has elsewhere suggested that the US military has perhaps murdered 105 people in detention, during this president's tenure. (I don't recall the dedicatee making clear he was referring only to the treatment of detained people.)

While a horror, this number would represent only a tiny fraction of the non-combatants we killed during World War II. Taxi to the Dark Side also includes an interview with the nice-seeming Moazzam Begg, who may well not be innocent--which is not to say he should have been maltreated.

The sign at the Uptown TCF said -17°F but I note Google says it's now 10°F warmer than that.